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PFT Central, based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, are UK distributors of plastering, screeding and rendering equipment - specializing in machine plastering. The company was established in 2002 to supply plaster and screed equipment to the trade. We have gained extensive experience in the use of these machines to complement the many years experience of supplying and laying of flooring products.

We have a big commitment to you the customer to provide the best equipment, products and practices. Support is comprehensive and unparalleled.

About the CEO, Andrew Hill:

Andrew Hill has over 25 years' experience in the plastering, rendering and screeding industry.

"Our company doesn't just 'sell machines'. It stays ahead with new technology and enhanced application methods. Originally being a plasterer myself, I know that this makes a big difference to your job. Because of the work I've put into the company, plasterers who are associated with us do their jobs easier, faster and better - and they make more money, too."

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Tel: 01242 236383
E-Mail: info@plastering-machines.co.uk