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Machine Plastering Training

It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced plasterer already or someone who's never even picked up a trowel before. With us you can learn machine plastering fast and with relative ease. You could go out and spend in the regions of £300 - £700 on a course for 'traditional' plastering. The question is "why" - when machine plastering is in much higher demand in major construction and can earn you up to three times as much money! Essentially the 'finishing' skills required between the two disciplines are the same. With traditional application, you mix by hand and apply with hawk and trowel; with machine application your machine mixes the material and projects this onto the wall.

We offer various courses depending on your current level of experience and what it is you want to achieve. For example, some people intend to work with one material specifically whilst others want to learn diverse material application. We therefore accommodate for the entire spectrum. Accreditation can be gained in the application of the following materials:

  • K-Rend (through-coloured renders)
  • CPI (general purpose render and through-coloured render)
  • Knauf MP75 (one-coat internal plaster)
  • Gypsum Multifinish (machine applied)
  • Supaflow (pumped, self-levelling floor screeds)

Further information is available upon request, so please contact us for full course details:

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