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M-Tec Machines

M-Tec 100


230v Plastering Machine. This is the only machine on the market that actually WILL mix and spray Gypsum Multifinish! 

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M-Tec Duomix 2000


The duo-mix 2000 mechanises the manual method of adding powder to a pool of water which has long since proved to be the most effective way to mix. The result is a creamier product that also reduces wear. Even the most difficult to mix products are mixed 

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M-Tec Duomix Plus


The dual mixing system with two way mixing plus the patented sump principle. The two separate wet mixing chambers of the duo-mix plus guarantee top quality mortar, an even mix that is productive and free of cracks. All the usual trade renders such as ce 

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M-Tec M3 Prof


The m3 can be loaded both with bagged material and with bulk silo material (e.g. in conjunction with m-tec Silo and conveying system F100/140 or hurrican 100/140. For intensive mixing and a higher entrained air content in specific applications, we reco 

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M-Tec M300


The revolutionary technology of the m-tec M300 makes it a mixing pump of the next machine generation. Until today, single stage mixers have been needed for both the dosing and the mixing processess. Now, the M300 can concentrate entirely on the actual t 

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M-Tec M3E


M-tec m3, the universal mixing pump for all mechanically applied interior and exterior plasters. For screed placers too, the m3 is the economically efficient means of applying free-flowing floor screed. 

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M-Tec Monomix


The m-tec mono-mix - the adaptable mixing pump in 230 V for all machine applicable internal and external renders or adhesives and backing coats based on gypsum, lime-gypsum or lime-cement. 

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M-Tec Smart


The m-tec smart is a small and handy universal mixing pump for small quantities (in buckets and bags, paste materials).

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