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Material Specific Demonstration

Plastering machines are robust and simple to set up and operate. In all our years of experience, we know that problems will not likely arise from the machine itself, but only in the operator's lack of knowledge in different materials. It is becuase of this that we provide material specific instruction and demonstration. In this way, with each new use of material you encounter, things on site run smoothly and like clockwork.

Technical Support 24/7

After you initial training with PFT Central, in no time at all you will get to know and understand your plastering machine like any other tool you use regularly. You'll know all there is to run your machine at an optimum. But what if, for example, the site water pressure has been compromised and the plastering machine's safety shut off cuts in - what then? This is where On Site Technical Support comes in.

We know all the variables a building site can throw at you, because we've been there ourselves and have decades of experience. Usually all it takes is a 3 minute phone call and your're up and running again - problem solved. And that problem will never bother you again, because you now know how to handle it. We understand that technical support is vital to your business. That's why we provide 24 hour phone support 7 days a week.

On-Site Engineers

We know the importance of uninterrupted machine performance. Servicing and weekly maintenance checks by the operator, as with any machinery, will ensure optimum running. But what if something does go wrong with the machine? As a first priority we will have an on-site engineer come out to your location and fix the machine so that you can continue spraying. Secondly our engineer will diagnose the cause of the fault. This is on the basis that if you know 'why' something has happened, the operator can put in measures to prevent it from happening again.

'Next Day' Spares

You forgot to order some rotors and stators; you need an extra hose; you bent your straight-edge; your new labourer cleaned the floor with your best trowel. Don't worry. Just get on the phone and we'll have what you need on site first thing in the morning!

Sub-Contractor Database

At PFT Central we are contacted frequently by contractors, private clients and materials manufacturers requesting projection plastering services. When you buy a plastering machine you have the option of being entered into our sub-contractor database to receive more work. Clients would typically consist of: K-Rend; Maxit, Euromix and many large building contractors. You won't work for PFT Central - you'll work for yourself. We'll just simply refer the client to you.

Machine Plastering Training

Do you want accreditation in machine plastering? We can provide you with training. All courses are approved by each material manufacturer whose materials we train in. We are additionally currently looking to get NVQ accreditation. For more information about machine plastering training or to book a place, please click here.

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