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Buying a Plastering Machine

There are a wide range of plastering machines available for specific purposes. If you are in any doubt as to which machine would best suit your needs, please contact us for assistance. The best thing naturally is to book a demonstration and see for yourself just how fast and effective machine plastering really is and how it can significantly increase your business standing, making you a more viable and valued contractor in the industry.

When we supply a customer with a plastering machine we want to make sure that the investment provides the most complete solution for you. In other words, so that if possible you can benefit from multiple application via only one machine and optimal to your specific operating basis. To determine this we need to know what materials you currently apply and possibly what application you would like to move towards in the future as part of your business expansion.

All of our staff members come from solid construction industry backgrounds, having exceptional knowledge and experience in all applications, material tolerances and regulations. We can be contacted any time to answer any questions you have.

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Tel: 01242 236383
E-Mail: info@plastering-machines.co.uk