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M-Tec 100

m-tec-100.jpg230v Plastering Machine. This is the only machine on the market that actually WILL mix and spray Gypsum Multifinish!

The m-tec mono-mix - the adaptable mixing pump in 230 V for all machine applicable internal and external renders or adhesives and backing coats based on gypsum, lime-gypsum or lime-cement.

The m-tec mono-mix is only used with dry re-blended bagged materials - on-sites ith 230 V single phase supply with 16 A fuse. Available in 2 versions:

  • A.C.-motor including starting and operating capacitor
  • With integrated frequency regulation and rotary current motor. Advantage: improved overload features, improved starting capacity.

The delivery of a mono-mix includes:
Mixing pump with V-Meko compressor
1 adjustable stator m-tec monostar with
appropriate rotor
Pump end-piece F35 with reducing
piece M35/M25
Mortar hose pressure gauge ND 35
1 cleaning tool
1 tightening tool
1 mortar hose ND25, 10 m long
1 air hose 1/2", 11 m long
1 spray gun
Various tools

4 step rpm adjustment for variable pump output.
Ideal for processing paste products
(mono-mix FU only).
used with all pumpable products
manufactured according to the latest European
safety regulations
robust and user-friendly
extremely functional design and compact
can be used with just one man
easy to clean
easy to transport (e.g. in a car) and easy on-site handling
ready for use due to complete equipment.

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