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M-Tec M300

m-tec-m300.jpgThe revolutionary technology of the m-tec M300 makes it a mixing pump of the next machine generation. Until today, single stage mixers have been needed for both the dosing and the mixing processess. Now, the M300 can concentrate entirely on the actual t

Mixing pump / m300

Applications: gypsum plasters, masonry mortars, plasters/renders, self-levelling floor screeds, adhesives and reinforcing mortars

System / performance: single chamber mixing utilizing the wet sump principle, dry feed screw, mixing / pumping by 6 – 45 l/min pumping output (depending on worn pump used), up to 50 m away and 30 m high

Filling: bagged or silo materials in conjunction with filter cap or delivery hood

Options: filter hood, feeding hood, various worm pumps, flexible hoses, spray equipment
arguments for m300
single chamber mixing utilizing the wet sump principle: products will be mixed to an optimum
Long life of the pump made possible by single chamber mixing
Longer conveying distances with minimum worm pump wear
Easy cleaning: PU-components have a markedly lower tendency to caking than comparable steel components.
Can be used for almost any product
Easy to assemble and dissamble without any tools
Slim shape, fits through any door (owing to modular system)
Exchangeable flange for various screw pumps
water pump build-in as standard
No water return into the dry material zone
Pumping capacity: approx. 24 l/min as standard supply,
(6 - 47 l/min depending on worn pump)
Pumping distance: up to 50 m
Pumping height: up to 30 m
Pumping pressure: up to 30 bar
Motor feed screw: 2,2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Motor mixing pump: 4,0 kW, 400V, 50 Hz
Air compressor: 0,9 kW, approx. 250 l/min, 4 bar,
Water pump: 0,3 kW, approx. 40 l/min, 4 bar
Electrical data: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph, fuse: 25 A, cable: 5 x 4.0 mm²,
connector: 32 A, 5p, 6h
Water supply: 3/4“ hose with GEKA coupling; required water pressure 2.5 bar
when the machine is running
Dimensions: approx. 1650 x 640 x 1470 mm
Weight: approx. 270 kg
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