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pft-g5.jpgIntelligent design for simplest handling, easiest transport and highest freedom of movement possible. Perfect technology and exemplary safety for enterprises that are always a bit ahead of their time

PFT Double mixing zone for PFT G 4/PFT G 5
Part no. 00080327

Functional principle:
Dry mortar is mixed with water in the mixing zone to a pumpable mortar. After that it is pumped away.
Thanks to the extension of the mixing tube the mixing time doubles and improves the mix

Advantages at a glance:
100 % longer mixing time
Higher mixing intensity
Compared to the standard equipment a mixing
volume extension of 180 % is reached
Changeable as complete unit
consisting of:
– Mixing tube extended
– Pressure flange cpl
– Set of tie rods for 200 mm pump (type D 6 -2)
– ROTOR D 6–2 T
– Cleaning shaft extended
– Mixing tube extended
Easy assembly, i. e. only the motor unit has
to be moved
Due to an intensive pre-mixing the wearing time
of the pump improves

Weight: 33 kg

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