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Flowing Screed

You can utilize available technology and become a modern contractor of 'today' easier than you might think.

flowing-screed.jpgSupaflow is a new generation screeding product that represents a quantum leap forward in terms of specifier benefits and design flexibility. In addition, it provides a far easier to apply solution for the contractor. It is a flowing floor screed based on calcium sulphate, a different type of binder to the Portland cement used in traditional screeds. It is available as a dry-premix in bags, ready to use, and presents significant advantages over traditional floor screeds. These include speed of application, excellence of surface finish, attainable accuracy of placement and finishing, reduction in thickness and eliminating or substantial reduction of movement joints.

Productivity with traditional site mixing methods is usually low, in the order of 100m2 /day (for a gang of two men mixing and laying 11 tonnes of screed and placing this to a minimum depth of about 50mm). The use of factory made semi-dry cement sand screed, like readyscreed, increases productivity to the extent that perhaps 15 to 18 tonnes may be laid in a day by the same two man gang, with compaction if any, and finishing being by hand. In contrast, Supaflo allows screed thickness to be reduced compared with traditional screeds, therefore, one gang of four men can accurately place 2000m2 or more of screed a day, 10-20 times more than with conventional materials. In contrast to conventional screeds, where optimal compaction by the use of a plate vibrator or similar is difficult to achieve, Supaflo is virtually self-compacting, flowing easily into place and filling all voids and irregularities and it is precisely laser levelled to an accuracy of equal to or better than surface regularity SR2.

In many traditional screeds shrinkage is likely to occur. However, with Supaflow the possibility of curling is entirely eliminated, because there is no differential shrinkage. Supaflo can be used in all dry locations and is suitable for most situations where a conventional unbonded, floating or heated Portland cement screed could be used. Because of these advantages, the use of flow applied screeds has risen steeply in the last few years, with over 50% of all screeds in some European countries now being this type.

Flowing screeds are so simple and fast to lay and provide immense benefit to both contractor and client. Once you've laid one floor with Supaflow, you will never again revert back to conventional screeds - and neither will your client!

Supaflo provides excellent resistance to impact and exceeds the requirements of the most exhaustive test value requirement (including that for category A floors). The resistance to impact of installed Supaflo easily exceeds that of alternative traditional systems. Its flowing characteristics mean that voids and poor compaction are problems of the past. The material is self compacting as it flows into position. On top of all this, Supaflow floors can receive foot traffic the very next day! This means that the building project can keep on moving at optimum speed. In fact, with the use of a special primer, floor tiling can even be done the very next day too! Now tell us where that is ever possible with conventional sand and cement screeds?

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