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M-Tec 100

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Many manufacturers have stated and continue to state that they have a machine that "will mix and spray Gypsum Multifinish." And they do mix and spray multifinish ... for a little while! But after the 5 minute demonstration, once you've purchased the machine and have it out on site to put on some real guages, this is when you discover that it doesn't really do what they said it would. Again, just like in the demonstration you received, the machine mixes and pumps for the first 5 minutes or so pretty well. But after this time, when material build-up and partial setting starts to occur in the bottom half of the mixing chamber due to friction, the low pressure water inlet is naturally restricted and thus the water ratio is affected. Material starts to mix very poorly indeed and you get an additional 'wet/dry', 'wet,dry' scenario and so on.

With it's unique design (and special Gypsum rotor and stator), the M-Tec 100 is the ONLY machine on the market that we know of that will consistently mix and pump Gypsum Multifinish. We prove it time and time again. We are also the ONLY company in the UK that is working towards Accreditation in Gypsum Multifinish Machine Projection!


mtec-100.jpgWe are proud to announce the forthcoming launch of a radical new plastering machine, the m-tec M100 SC.

The M100 SC is designed specifically for the mixing, pumping and spraying of gypsum-based skim coat plasters, the likes of which have been used traditionally in the UK plastering trade for decades.

The M100 SC therefore at last provides the very tool that every plasterer needs.

The key aspects that the M100 SC offers are as follows:-

- Automatic mixing, pumping and spraying of gypsum skim coats and plasters
- Huge productivity improvements made possible
- Only 110V power supply needed
- Fits into the back of a family-sized car
- Ready-mounted water pump and compressor

The official launch date of the M100 SC is 31st March 2008, but for further information and to arrange an early demonstration in the UK, please contact us. Full product details and images will be posted here very shortly.

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